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Eat like a hippie when it comes to nutrition bars, because they are the healthiest snack! Nutrition bars come without any risks. They constitute of all essential nutrients, proteins, minerals, carbs, and fibre.


Well, nutrition bars are loaded with abundant benefits. They are a brilliant source of energy. When you feel drained post work out, try nutrition rich supplements. They render instant energy along with healthy fats, sugar, and protein.

Nutrition bars cater to tons of functions of the human body, such as: healthy weight gain and weight loss, replace a whole meal, boost energy levels, addition to muscle mass, and fastening up the muscle synthesis process.


Nutrition rich bars are now available in a variety of forms as per different human needs. You can find the best of them on Here are the most important types of nutrition bars:

Weight-Loss Bars:

As the name implies, these bars are exclusively designed for the purpose of weight loss. They have fewer calories and nutrients, and intend mainly to boost metabolism. The weight loss bars are great for passive workers, who do not have an active- working lifestyle.

Low-Carbohydrate Bars –

If you are on a low- carb diet, then these bars are a boon for you. The low- carbohydrate bars are made purposely for people on a low-carb diet. Their role is twofold as they help to lose weight as well as maintain the blood sugar levels. Low-carb bars are also significantly high in protein and fat.

Meal Replacement Bars –

These bars work as a substitution for a complete meal. Also, it is important to note that the meal replacement bars are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, and healthy calories.

Mass Bars or Mega-Calorie Bars –

The mega- calorie bars are of course abundant in calories. They contain a big bunch of nutrients. They are more like candy bars, with same taste but a higher nutrient ratio.

Energy Bars –

Energy bars are the most commonly used bars, especially by professional athletes and gym goers. Energy bars work as sports nutrition supplement bars manufactured with tons of stimulants such as high carb cereals and caffeine. The main function of energy bars is to provide a quick energy fix before or after rigorous activity.

Protein Bar –

Protein bars are a great supplement for procuring high dose of energy and protein boost. These protein bars provide loads of protein needed by the body to maintain and build muscle. They work best when eaten after a workout.

Granola Bars –

Check out Youtube, and you will find thousands of granola bars recipes. They are the recent craze of the millenials. Granola bars are rich in fiber, which, in turns, helps in digestion. There are oats in granola bars which make food digested in our body last longer, and ultimately keep us full for a longer period of time.

Trail Mix Bar –

Final is the trail mix bar, very famous amongst hikers and mountaineers. The trail mix bar is basically made from typical trail mix packs such as  peanuts, almonds, cashews, seeds, and raisins. The trail mix bars have a high ratio of protein (nuts and seeds), carbs (bananas, raisins), and vitamins. Also they come in lots of varities such as sprouted seeds, soaked dehydrated nuts, spirulina, maca, bee pollen, and gojis.

Nutrition and variety both in one, nutrition bars are the best health supplements to get strong, fit, and happy!

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